Taylor Swift Teases a New Song About Running Away with Someone

Taylor Swift is pretty sneaky. She’s been subtly teasing and dropping songs at midnight for the last few months as a lead up to her album Reputation‘s release on Nov. 10, and lo and behold, Thursday is one of those teaser days. Swift took to Instagram in a series of three posts to let fans know to expect something awesome at midnight, and we’re already intrigued.

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The posts seem to tease an upcoming song called “Call It What You Want,” and in addition to the name and drop time, Swift also gave a sneak peek into some of the lyrics. They are—in a word—mysterious.

“Holding my breath, slowly I said, ‘You don’t need to save me,'” they read.

“‘But would you run away with me?’ …’Yes.'”

A song about running away and possibly romance? Count us in. 

With Reputation‘s release only a week and a half away, it seems we won’t even have to wait that long for new Taylor music. What a win. 

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