Fortnite’s dreaded Infinity Blade sword is back

Fortnite has unvaulted its dreaded Infinity Blade weapon for the first time since it was dramatically shelved last December.

The sword was so overpowered it lasted just four days before being disabled, following fan outcry at the chaos it was causing within the game’s main modes and in a tournament with a $1m prize pool.

Now the sword is back, but only within a separate, limited-time Sword Fight mode – as it probably should have been released to start with.

In this new squad-based mode, multiple people can now wield an Infinity Blade weapon at once – leading to confrontations where numerous players are swinging it at each other. It is still infinitely overpowered…

INFINITY BLADE = VICTORY ROYALE #GirlGamer #InfinityBlade #Fortnite #XboxShare

— LaKrista Dawn (@lakristadawn) February 18, 2019

…but not unbeatable.

infinity blade hunters#fortnite

— kyler skywalker (@KortALean) February 18, 2019

Elsewhere in Fortnite, the latest season-ending event is drawing closer as its map gets cracked up by earthquakes.

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