Fortnite for Switch’s video capture disabled due to performance issues

Over the past few days, eagle-eyed Fortnite players noticed something was missing from the game. Out of nowhere, video capture was no longer working for Switch.

Epic has now confirmed, however, this was an intentional decision made to improve Fortnite’s performance on Nintendo’s console.

Switch can no longer record videos from r/FortNiteBR

Community moderator Sean Hamilton took to r/NintendoSwitch to explain why the feature had been removed. According to Hamilton, removing the feature “saves a significant amount of RAM while also having a positive effect on overall performance across the board”. Epic had apparently been seeing “a high rate of Out of Memory related crashes”, and the company’s hope is removing video capture will help solve this problem.

Hamilton also apologised for the lack of transparency surrounding the decision, admitting its absence from the patch notes was a “mistake” and that it had since been added.

But there’s hope still for those hoping to record themselves flossing on the top of tomato temple. Hamilton also mentioned the feature may return as an optional feature “for players who don’t mind taking a hit on their performance”.

This development comes in the wake of widespread disgruntlement about Fortnite’s performance on the Switch, with one popular Reddit post describing the game as “unplayable”.

Personally, I have a wild conspiracy theory. What if Epic removed video capture so players couldn’t record the bugs and post them on Reddit? I demand a tin foil hat cosmetic, Epic!

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