Android 17 is the next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character

Android 17 hits Dragon Ball FighterZ later this month.

Confirmation comes from a report in Japanese magazine V-Jump, via Siliconera.

This version of Android 17 is based off the version from anime Dragon Ball Super, so it’s a different incarnation than the one who fights alongside twin sister Android 18 in Dragon Ball FighterZ already.

Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Android 17 confirmed.

— SPY (@Spytrue) September 19, 2018

Android 17 has a Barrier Explosion move, which lets him put up a barrier around his body, End Game sees him go behind his opponent for a combo, and his super is Electric Strike.

Android 17 arrives alongside a new Space Arena stage, a big update for the game and some Halloween-themed gubbins. Expect more from Tokyo Game Show later this week.

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