A Brief History of Taylor Swift’s Acting Career

The universe is still trying to make Taylor Swift’s acting career happen.

The 28-year-old signed on for the cinematic adaptation of long-running Broadway show Cats, and we’re really not sure how to feel.

Throughout T-Swift’s uber-successful music career, she’s appeared in a handful of movies and TV shows. You’ll recall that she made out with Taylor Lautner in Valentine’s Day, offered a haunting piano lesson in The Giver, crashed a wedding on New Girl, voiced a red-head in The Lorax, and, in perhaps her largest role to date, experimented with the first iteration of the “new Taylor” on an episode of CSI.

Her entire film and TV reel comes in at around 10 minutes, and honestly, (no shade, Taylor) we’re kind of OK with that.

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To be fair, it’s been a while (four years) since we last saw Miss Swift acting in a film or on a TV show, so maybe the new Taylor has learned a few tricks?

Scroll down below to re-experience the glory of Swift’s brief acting career.

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The Giver (2014)

Tonik Productions

Taylor, as a (literally) transparent brunette named Rosemary, sings and frustrates Jeff Bridges.

New Girl (2013)


Taylor, as a painter and avid diarist named Elaine, runs off with the groom at CeCe’s big, fat, Indian wedding in the season 2 finale.

The Lorax (2012)

Universal Pictures

Taylor, as the animated film’s pre-teen love interest, inspires protagonist Ted to find a “real tree.”

Valentine’s Day (2010)

New Line Productions

Taylor, as the girlfriend of another Taylor (Lautner, who plays Willy), reminds us that Valentine’s Day (both the movie and holiday) is the worst.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2009)


Taylor, as melodramatic teen Haley, meets a harsh fate.

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